• One reason for STUDIO23 drive to adopt BIM technology is the analytic possibilities that present themselves once a project team has an accurate model of the building. An important component of our sustainable and design agenda is to design buildings that reduce energy usage to help our clients, and the globe. In order to achieve that goal we have to be able to predictably simulate building performance so that it can be analyzed.

STUDIO23 choice is to use Revit & the energy analysis software IES(VE), which also integrates with our primary architectural BIM platform, Revit. Performing energy analysis can be of particular importance when the design team is confronted with site and context decisions that force them to make building design choices that are not always the most “sustainable” choices.

Analysis of a design’s performance then allows the team to make intelligent decisions about what can be done to improve the building’s overall performance, while meeting budgetary, aesthetic, program, and other critical components of the design brief